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**NEW STORY** Added to Man From UNCLE Fanfiction Home.

Hi Everybody!

I just added a NEW STORY to the Man From UNCLE Fanfiction Home site:

The Blind Man's Bluff Affair
Chapter 1
"New Isn't Always Improved."


Napoleon Solo is seriously injured by a new UNCLE Weapon. Was it a flaw in the design or an act of Sabotage?

Hope you enjoy it.


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* * *NEW STORY ADDED* * * to Man from UNCLE Fanfiction Home

Hi Everybody!!

Hope everyones week is off to a great start. I just added a NEW Story to Man from UNCLE Fanfiction Home:

The Spirit of Chritmas Past, Present and Future.


Follow the Solo's and Kuryakin's through three diffeernt Christmases, filled with love, families, surprises and the long awaited union of Dimitri Kuryakin and Nicki Solo! Dreams do come true during the holidays!

Hope everyone has a Terrific week and best of the holidays to you whatever holiday you may celebrate!!


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**NEW STORY-NEW SECTION*** Man from UNCLE Fanfiction Home

Hi Everybody!!

Just added a NEW STORY Section to my Man from UNCLE Fanfiction site. And the first story has been posted.

UNCLE Origins covers the founding of UNCLE as well as the organization's first "dream team" agents Alexander Waverly and Bill Del Floria.

Chapter 1
"Out of The Frying Pan."

A meeting is taking place that will change the world. From one branch comes that seed of a might Oak.

http://manfromuncle.wetpaint.com/page/MI Your UNCLE

This is my take ofn the founding of UNCLE. Hope you enjoy.


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New Man from UNCLE Fanfiction Story added!

HI everybody!

I added a NEW STORY to my Man from UNCLE Fanfiction Home site:

"The Mission Isn't Over Until You Feel The Sting Affair."

On the flight back to New York, Solo and Kuryakin are amused by the fact that they made it through their mission without a single scratch. But the mission isn't over yet!


This story was written on a prompt from one of my site members Kelly-LA/CA.

Hope you'll stop by for a read. Thanks.


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NEW Man from UNCLE Fanfiction Story "The Hangman Affair"

Hi Everybody!

Just added a new Man from UNCLE Fanfiction story to my site:

The Hangman Affair.
Chapter 1
"Rock, Paper, Scissors."

Their mission in Russia completed, Kuryakin suddenly goes missing. Once found, he finds himself battling nightmares revolving around gallows, a noose...and his dead partner hanging at the end of it.


Hope everyone is having a great week!


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Man from UNCLE fanfiction The Enough is Enough Affair Chapter 5

Hi everybody!

Just added the final chapter to my Man From UNCLE fanfic story:

The Enough is Enough Affair
Chapter 5
"Goodbye Is Not Forever"

Solo and Kuryakin fight for the safety of UNCLE headquarters. Mr. Waverly makes a promise.


Hope everyone is staying dry, smoke free and fairly stable! Have a great weekend!